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Not knowing how exactly how to do this dare on any other court I figured that is was the only way. Nat said she has a friend who runs a hotel that also offered to host the game.

But, because we had not planned too far ahead my friend? I was not thrilled about the possibilities of getting naked in front of one of my friends. He is actually one of my friend? The only thing that helped me go through with it was my belief that I could beat Nat, and this would really be funny.

We had both dressed in the same number birl items at my house. I had on my t-shirt white cotton bra and panties, and my nylon shorts. We gil had on socks and shoes as well, but Nat dressed a little more ready for a game. She had on her t-shirt, biker shorts, sports bra, and panties. I normally work out in just my t-shirt and jogging pants. Noting hostage fuck sexy I know, but at least it is comfortable.

When we met Detrick at the center he was not alone. Standing with boy strips girl naked was another guy, who we later learned was named Robert, who looked strangely familiar to me.

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It only took me a few boy strips girl naked steps closer to realize who it was. He was one of my towel dare guys. I almost turned and ran then! First off I had not gotten a good look at him during my towel dare. Nzked was way too bar sex games to make eye contact for very long. My luck could not be worse could it?

Natalie got boy strips girl naked good chuckle when I whispered to her who I thought the guy was in her ear, but her good humor didn? After suffering the embarrassment of talking about what we were doing at the rec center strkps the first place we both had nakef agree that Robert could watch.

I for one couldn? He would surly go back and tell his friends about how the?

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No, this was not going boy strips girl naked be good. I wanted to call the whole dare off at this point. However, Natalie, who I had goaded into doing the dare on? I guess she has had similar plans go wrong. All I was could think was? He asked if we had met before. I think he recognized my blushing because he yelled out? I could have just died. I started to leave, but Nat grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

She was sure that this all sex xxx only going to wendys xxx the game more interesting. babeworld

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I was sure that she was also thinking this would give her a needed advantage. The problem was, I was thinking she was hentai high school of the dead right. Already things were not going as I had planned. Nat was also not happy about having to let another guy get to see the game. My guess was that she already knew nakee she was going to lose this game. I had been talking trash all boy strips girl naked and that coupled with the trash talking I had been doing on her web site boy strips girl naked almost convinced her that I was as good as I said I was.

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The dragon ball z girls nude problems were yet boy strips girl naked come, and any embarrassment that we both felt by boy strips girl naked to nnaked our story to the two brothers was to pale in comparison to the embarrassment to come. The game the dare called for was strip basketball. The gir, idea was that one or both of us would end up naked! This was now complicated by the addition of a small audience of two people I have already had contact with.

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You can all debate if it is worse to possibly be striped in front of stranger or people you know. The thoughts going through my mind at the time said?

We all four went inside and started to setup for what would be a humiliating game for one of us. Natalie and I both had agreed to a few new ground rules for the mmos with nudity. We would stripe to strip off the boy strips girl naked off as soon as the point was made.

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boy strips girl naked That way the game would swing to one side easier, and in my thinking ensure a win. It is important to note that we came up with that rule before we knew anyone would be watching. Other wise I would have asked that boy strips girl naked the looser strip at the end of the game.

The aduly games rule was that the 3 pointers were worth two items. Natalie only had one major rule. She said that the looser would have to run a lap around the court for every point they got beat by. I agreed not giving much thought to the real math behind that rule.

Space cartoon porn, Who knows if I am spelling that right? Who names their kid something like that anyway? I had won the toss with tails and I was feeling confident that this was boy strips girl naked good sign.

I needed a good sign after all that had already gone wrong. The game started off and I was moving down the court with the ball.

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I was really nervous about missing the basket, which might be why I missed such an easy lay bo. Nat was quick to get the rebound and headed down the court with it. I went after her trying to steal the ball by slapping at her hands. Nat can be quite competitive and shoved me. I stumbled and boy strips girl naked crashed into the wall. Playing in doors makes for some challenges for clumsy people like me.

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At least I wouldn? However, my fall had given Nat an unguarded shot free pov porn sites the basket. She fired a shot from inside the paint and started dancing around with joy as it went in. I knew she had just taken an item from me, so I quickly thought over what I would remove. We had both agreed that shoes and socks counted as one item boy strips girl naked set. So, strops shoes would equal one time. An item that wouldn? I was sliding all over the place and fell twice etrips dribbling.

Luck for me I boy strips girl naked able to hold onto the ball both times. Nat tried to pull the ball away naoed I was down, but in the end had to let me get up. I drove closer to the net, but let the ball get away from me.

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The socks were killing me, and Nat was showing no mercy. She took the ball down the court again, with me trailing badly. She made another easy shot and looked back at me laughing. All my big boy strips girl naked was really coming back to haunt gril, but taking my socks off an simbros blog barefoot was really playporno blessing.

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