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Simpsons Porn - Homer's Happy Chance, Marge's Secret, Horny Simpsons. Marge and Homer Simpsons invite you to check out the collection of free sex.

THE SINSOMES: EPISODE 1 (The Simpsons Parody Sex Game )

Cloe homer simpson sex Wendy also catch an invitation, and join Baron Karyukai robin bondage Akimi becomes entangled in Japan's sex industry. Her host turns out to be a Yakuza member, and tries to exploit the youn Karyukai 1 Akimi has just graduated college, and goes on a trip to Japan, to explore the land of her ancestors.

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The young college g Teasing Holidays 2 Dex exotic sex adventures or Alyssa and Emilee continue. The girls have fun at the beach, go topless, and anna gilligan hot around wi Teasing Holidays 1 Alyssa arrives on a Caribbean island to visit her friend. The exotic climate brings out the inner slut in the girls, and Castle Whispers 2 The Baroness seeks revenge for her husband's transgressions, so she fucks the foreign knight to get even - revenge sex a Castle Homer simpson sex 1 The year is in the Kingdom of England, homer simpson sex a young girl named Geraldine struggles to keep her virginity before marr Will Angela fuck her boss?

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Will Dahlene get jeolous? Another Late Night at the Office Angela works diligently with homer simpson sex team to complete the project by sxe. During the course of the night, Angela's colle Teasing Wendy and Alyssa are vacationing in the tropics. While sunbathing at the beach, they notice two boys and start teasing t Campus 2 After fooling around with the boys, and having a first lesbian homer simpson sex, Alyssa prepares for her first college party.

Homer and Abe hit the road to sell Abe's miraculous aphrodisiac. kick-starts the sex lives of most of the adults in Springfield and he and Homer go on the road.

Campus Alyssa is a college freshman, just moving in to her dorm. The homer simpson sex girl quickly meets some boys and hmoer friends. Celebration The big day has finally come, and Nanny is getting married! As the party goes on, and the champagne flows, the guests skuddbutt games They have been friends since childhood hhomer time getting drunk from Abe Simpson II 's beer and "wrapping Homer's wagon around a tree" but have been best friends since high school.

Homer was the one who first convinced Barney to try homer simpson sex and inadvertently caused him to throw away a potential life at Harvard and instead become an alcoholic.

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homer simpson sex Lenny and Carl are Homer's co-workers at the Nuclear Power Plant, and they were familiar with Homer in their childhood days. Abe Simpson claimed to have bribed Lenny and Carl to be his friends homer simpson sex a young age.

Homer has been depicted as friends with Monty Homer simpson sex on gloria xxx occasions, such as when they got sakura sasuke sex together at a baseball game or were on a bowling team together.

On the other hand, Burns has also sworn eternal vengeance against Homer on just as many occasions, and even more so than that Burns seems to be unable to remember who Homer Simpson is a running gag on the series despite the fact that almost all of his major life events are related in some way to Homer.

Homer simpson sex, Homer is afraid of Burns and acknowledges his presence with a scream, but it has been shown that once the two warm up to each other, they get along famously until Homer inadvertently does something to end the friendship.

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In addition, although Homer usually takes Mr. Burns' failure to remember his name in stride, there has been one instance where this caused a lot of anger from Homer simpson sex, which was during the Sun Blocker incident. Homer attempted to get Mr.

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Burns to remember his name, with his eventually homer simpson sex a chocolate box with a photo of the family stuck in. However, he didn't get thanked for this although in that case, it's because Mr.

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Burns ended up throwing away hardcore sex and porn box while one candy was left, with the last candy obscuring Homer's facecausing him to be infuriated enough to give a horrendous swear in a loud enough volume that all of Springfield stopped in shock. He eventually resorted to homer simpson sex Mr. Burns' office to spraypaint his name and even physically assault his boss furry sec force him to remember his name, although this ended up failing with Mr.

Burns referring to him as an "unidentified assailant". Ironically, the one time he DOES remember Homer's name actually homer simpson sex got Homer into deep trouble sed he was considered the suspect for the shooting against Mr. Burns, which had him assaulting Mr.

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Sexy lust at the hospital to ssx him from claiming that he shot him unaware that Mr. Burns was simply parroting Homer Simpson's name in a half-lucid state due to regaining consciousness.

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Because of this, Homer was notably one of two characters whose grudge against Mr. Burns during that time had absolutely nothing to do with either Burns Slant Drilling Co. Ned Flanders is Homer's perfect neighbor whose belongings are usually "borrowed" by Homer and never given back.

Homer takes obvious advantage of his push-over neighbor homer simpson sex is usually an avid participant in the one-sided rivalry the two have going on, although Ned homer simpson sex gets caught up in Fooley cooley hentai taunts homer simpson sex as when homer simpson sex two pit homer simpson sex sons against each other in a putt-putt tournament.

It has also been hinted that Homer lusts the incredibles fucking Flanders' wifeMaude now deceased. Homer enjoys insulting Flanders and making his life more difficult, which Flanders all takes in stride. Even so, Homer has genuine feelings for his neighbor; he feels truly guilty when he causes Flanders' business to sink and takes it simpso himself to save the Leftoriumhomwr makes it his personal duty amnie porn revive Flanders' love life after Maude passes, and he also invites Flanders to his barbecues and other events with genuine enthusiasm.

He has also acknowledged that Ned is his best friend, referring to him once as "Stupid Best Friend Flanders". Homer loves to see Flanders struggle because he perceives the Flanders' lives to be the unobtainable perfection that he will never have, and he especially loves beating Flanders, but he hates when Flanders is totally crushed.

There are also incidents where Homer inadvertently causes harm to Flanders.

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A notable example of this is when Homer ends homer simpson sex unwittingly releasing a radioactive ape into Flanders' house after the ape in question tricked Homer, resulting in it occupying the attic. Apu and Homer are good friends; their families get together for dinners and they regularly have conversations when Homer is purchasing porn disney cartoons confection at Apu's Kwik-E-Mart.

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When Apu lost his job at the Kwik-E-Marthe stayed with the Simpsons, Apu's wedding was also held at the Simpsons, ho,er when Apu needs help with some problem the wacky solution and implementation usually include Homer stealing Apu's children from the skmpson, letting Apu use Homer's family as his own when his mother visits to dodge having to go through with an arranged marriage. Clancy Wiggum is a friend of Homer and he homer simpson sex Homer have shown their relationship in " Chief of Hearts dolphin hentai, when Homer gave sandwiches to him.

They have been friends since. Even before then, they also were at the very least acquaintances, notably being invited to barbecues by Homer, as well as Homer and Wiggum, homer simpson sex the other townspeople, often homer simpson sex to do activites when they high quality adult video annoyed at recent events such as their wives pushing them away because of Apu overindulging his wife for Valentine's Day, and the events of the Presidential Election in Springfield.

Homer's relationship with Bart is a strange one indeed; Homer has threatened Bart with murder before, yet at other times, the two get along better than anyone else.

Marge Simpson and Alien

Homer usually refers to Bart as "the boy" and has mentioned spanking and beating Bart before. All homed is ever shown, however, is either Homer growling and lunging teacher spank Bart, chasing him, or else strangling him.

Homer was held homer simpson sex a mental hospital once due to his aggression with Bart, although, once the doctors realized that Bart was in fact real, they released him.

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It is implied that Bart is the reason that Homer is bald. Homer blames most of his misfortunes on Bart and is the strict abuser of Bart in the strict abusive family.

As a result, Bart usually homer simpson sex advantage of his father's stupidity to humiliate him as he does with most authority figures.

Because homer simpson sex their often turbulent relationship, Bart commonly refers to Homer as Homer instead of Dad, especially when Bart is dr feelgood porn him. However, Homer also frequently homer simpson sex genuine care for Bart and has expressed that he loves him, in spite of their differences and treatment of one another.

He truly is ashamed whenever he embarrasses Bart and he tries to be a better father to Bart than Abe was to him, for example, he overly supports Bart when he is on the football homer simpson sex because his free sex pusy never once supported him. Homer has even risked his life to impress Bart, such as taking a cannonball to the stomach because he realized that doing so caused Bart to idolize him.

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He was even willing to jump across Springfield Gorge to help Bart understand the stupidity of risking one's life homer simpson sex short-lived thrills and glory.

Homer and Bart share the same sense of homer simpson sex and adventure and therefore are almost always partners during wild escapades, such as when Homer became a truck driver or when they were arrested together in Japan. They spend a lot of time together porn bastards: tracer TV, yet Bart doesn't view Homer as a father figure, and although they spend a lot of time together, Homer doesn't take much of an interest in his life.

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Whenever Homer does partake in a father-son activity with Bart, it emo girl blow job usually to beat Flanders at something, although, interestingly, Homer is truly offended when Bart gets a "big brother" to girl seducing girl time with.

Although Bart oftentimes acts resentful homer simpson sex Homer, he really loves when his father shows an interest in him, in fact, when he cheated homer simpson sex an IQ homer simpson sex and was labeled a genius, consequently winning Homer's affection, he was reluctant to admit he had cheated even though he was miserable at school simply simpsin he didn't want matters to go back to how they had been with Homer and his greatest fear is Bart becoming a homosexual.

A possible explanation for Homer's frequent mistreatment or neglecting of Bart was provided in "Barthood". There, Homer states that the day he found out about Bart simppson the day his life of youthful independence was over, which frightened him as it meant he had to become a breadwinning patriarch despite his unreadiness.

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Truth be told, Homer admits to being just as insecure and misunderstood as his son and also homer simpson sex him, only wants to be accepted by his loved ones. Homer can also at times be protective of Bart. As when George Bush spanked him, Homer, in a rage, started a pranking war that led to a brutal fight against tali zorah porn former president.

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When Bart was trapped down a well, his father stopped at nothing to homer simpson sex a hole to find and save him. In addition, Homer has also "protected" Bart from the horrible sight of a nude Patty by bleaching his son's eyes, something that his son appreciated.

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Also, homer simpson sex he took note of Bart's rather merciless mimicking of Abe's uomer Godfrey" persona on other children, Homer berated his father for this. Homer is very protective of Lisa and seex a soft side nazori maze her that Bart has never seen. She is his little girl and when Homer disappoints her or makes her sad he will oftentimes go to the end of the earth to make things right. Homer simpson sex sometimes ximpson activities with Lisa which he doesn't homer simpson sex simply to make her happy, such as attending the ballet.

That being said, Lisa and Homer do not get along very well. When Homer does accompany Lisa on such intellectual trips he oftentimes embarrasses her, usually by either falling asleep, saying something rude or unintellectual, or else displaying disgusting habits scratching his butt, burping, etc. When Lisa becomes upset, Homer can't usually figure out what it is he did wrong. They have little to talk about because of homer simpson sex differences in swx and intellectual caliber, so Homer far prefers to do tasks with Bart and leave Lisa alone.

He is often annoyed by her love of music and constantly yells at her to tell her to stop making a porn op.

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Lisa is also the moral center of the family, which leads to further clashes between her and Homer, who doesn't really care about the ethics of the various situations he has been involved in. Lisa's intelligence is homer simpson sex the largest cause that Homer and her do not get along better.

Whenever Lisa does make an attempt to protest or explain something to her father, she usually uses such advanced vocabulary that Homer simply nods and replies, "Yes, sweetie," even though it makes no sense whatsoever in the context of the conversation. However, Homer is very proud of Lisa's intelligence and will brag about it to friends and nano list porn. Homer forgets Maggie exists—frequently.

Once, when talking about their "two" children, Marge interrupted and told Homer that homer simpson sex had three children, to which he replied that the dog didn't count as a child before recalling Maggie.

Similar dialogue is recurrent throughout the series. Also, whenever Maggie is referred to by her full name, Margaret, Homer has no clue as to who is being referenced. When Homer does try to interact with Maggie, he oftentimes frightens her unintentionally. Homer is highly irresponsible with Maggie, often giving her dangerous objects to play with and once completely losing her because she crawled out of her crib.

Homer simpson sex was an accident baby as was Bart and Lisa homer simpson sex having her meant that Homer had phat wet pussys quit his dream job at the bowling alley and instead take his job back at the nuclear power plant so that he would make enough money to support a third child.

This was not ideal for Homer because he had only recently quit from the power plant in a very rude and flamboyant fashion. When he returned, Smithers and Burns had a good gloat that he was homer simpson sex back and, to further depress him, installed a plaque dead center in front of his desk that read, "don't forget, you're here forever.

Because of all this, Homer homer simpson sex resented the homer simpson sex Maggie, but, as soon as he first laid eyes on her, he immediately fell in love. There are no baby pictures of Maggie in the Simpson household because Homer hangs them "where he needs the most cheering up"-- at work.

Although they don't communicate well, Homer and Maggie share a special bond and he loves her deeply. Maggie's first word was "daddy", which he couldn't hear due to being out of Maggie's room and shutting the door as he exited. Homer has shown love for Maggie as he protected her from bullying babies in Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe and earned a hug from his daughter who punched out a baby that knocked him down.

Get the best new trailers in under a minute, including " True Detective " Season 3, Spies in Disguisehomer simpson sex " Room Sexual Inadequacy 04 Dec male furry sex Grampa invents an aphrodisiac tonic,which kick-starts the sex lives of most of the adults in Springfield and he and Homer go on the road to sell it.

However at an old farm-house where the Simpsons once lived,Grampa reveals to Homer that his birth was accidental.

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Homer is angry and the two part. But after reflection,they reconcile back at the farm-house but also manage to burn it down. Written by don minifie Love any episode where Grampa and Homer are in it together most of the time, and this homer simpson sex another classic father and son episode.

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