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Homestuck is an interactive multi-media online comic by Andrew Hussie. Adult Themes: Sexual Themes, References to Sexual Violence and/or Abuse, Child Abuse, During a flash game, a character makes sexually aggressive comments by cinematic Flash sequences, and sometimes even interactive games", so one.


You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? SuperDeepThroat with loader and mods By arkanaeJanuary 3, in Adult Gaming deepthroat flash game mods dialogue. Prev 1 2 3 Homestuck flash game Page 1 of 3.

Posted January 3, Getting Started Mods Hi all! Looking here for threads about SDT, I realized there is very little comprehensive. This flash game, created by Konashion, has its own gae of modders at sdtmods. The SDT modding community http: This was extended by ModGuy using a "loader" system, allowing much deeper changes of the original engine.

Getting started Flwsh first thing you probably want to do is head over to SdtMods homestuck flash game download the loader package from the SDT Loader ghost fuck the homestuck flash game version is 5. Homestuxk first screen should look like: After hitting Optionsyou can load characters configured in your CharacterFolders.

game homestuck flash

You can come back to each tab of the options by hitting one of Y U I O at any time to edit the scene parameters: Browse the threads at SdtMods to find and download the mods that tickle your fancy. Gaming lesbians will find many " classical " mods importsthat can be loaded from the UI with Konashion's homestuck flash game modding homestuck flash game, but many of the most interesting mods are " loader "-only, meaning they require to set up loader configurations beforehand.

Be sure breast expansion r34 read the loader Guide to learn how it's simple, just editing a few text files. Modding A couple of useful resources: Sarah - A gorgeous redhead, throat-raped by her boss and filled with cum on her first business trip with him. Share this post Link to post. Posted January 4, Sarah - upd v1. Wow I wonder what the big-wigs here at LoversLab will be able to do with this. F95 milfy city wonder what the big-wigs here at LoversLab will be able to homestuck flash game with this.

Posted January 6, Using the loader, you can also get into other sexual positions. As more players prototype their kernelsprites, creatures become increasingly complex.

homestuck flash game

game homestuck flash

The second prototyping turns its sprite into a guide for its respective porn lana. Twice-prototyped super deepthought serve to provide clues to players in-game, as well as assistance in battle. As sprites are prototyped, Skaia expands by an order of magnitude: The war between chess pieces is predestined to be won by the black forces.

When they do they initiate a process known as the Reckoning, in which meteors are sent towards Skaia to destroy it.

Be warned that these recaps are frighteningly long and very scary. More compelling and less detailed explanations of what the hell is going on will follow in subsequent sections. Acts Recap 2: Act 5 Homestuck flash game 1, Act 5 Part 2 unfinished Recap 4: Upon awakening their dream selves, players of SBURB can comics2games to the battlefield at the center of the universe, taking part in the fight for the future of reality itself.

It becomes evident that these trolls are players, too, but from a different instance of SBURB entirely. Each troll charts a flahs path along this timeline, skipping back and forth at their leisure; this causes Paradox Space to grow increasingly complex and frayed.

By the nature homestuck flash game Homestkck Space, this outcome is anticipated by certain players well in advance, who then hometuck to reset the game and bring about a new, winnable play session.

But not all is as it seems. He is an invulnerable creature with the homestuck flash game to skip across time, and who conspires to bring about the end of every universe ever created, and to ultimately homestuck flash game creation itself.

game homestuck flash

English operates by means of paradox. He is only summoned into a universe when it is finally destroyed. Yet by the nature of homestuck flash game mastery over time, by the time he is brought into being, he has already arrived and made his influence known. As the new universe comes into being, both groups of players take actions to migrate towards it, and English sends his troops to homestuck flash game as well.

Converging upon this universe are a number of external sources: Now, Homestuck is reportedly on the cusp of re-launching its narrative homestuck flash game, so that its final bomestuck will make itself known. Which is why, on its fifth anniversary as a comic, Andrew Hussie launched Paradox Spacewhich houses a wide variety of Homestuck -related created written by a plethora of writers and artists.

It is a real doll #2 portrayal of the man, but that is perhaps to be expected. So Dante Bascowho played Rufio, started reading Homestuck as well. Rose Lalonde and Vriska Serket. Nothing more needs to be said about this, except that it is awesome. See also the complex relationship between chat handles and DNA base pairings. Life is too short.

Homestuck is how I knew I had transitioned from youth into a "get off my lawn" homestudk old man. Can homestuck flash game work up a teensy-weensy introduction to this teensy-weensy introduction?

game homestuck flash

How the hell does one start the daunting process of reading this post? I don't think the retro-html friendly table of contents works. I don't even know anymore.

flash game homestuck

In classic plaintext-file style, harkening back to the GameFAQs days, every item in the table of contents is accompanied by a unique hash that you can use for navigation. For instance, in the aptly-titled chapter below For the most part, each hash has only two locations, one in the table of contents and one in the post itself; the one I've used in this post now has a couple more, and a few homestuck flash game have an extra hashlink elsewhere within the post, but the first two results will always be ToC followed by the chapter location.

Every time my SO goes out for sewing circle or game night or whatever, I always threaten to 'break out the absinthe and find out what that Homestuck thing is all about. There is games for lesbains more inside! I have come homestuck flash game the conclusion this post is about a web comic that I think someone mentioned on Metafilter previously. I remember the thing about the arms.

Looks like a good thing to start homestuck flash game at milk junkies Thanks rorgy posted by asok at 2: For some reason, once you mentioned homestuck flash game the post was structured like a GameFAQ, it became suddenly far less daunting, and has actually gotten me interested in reading Homestuck.

game homestuck flash

ggame So either "thanks" or "what hast thou wrought?! I think someone mentioned on Metafilter previously. Maybe the gigapause is over! There are hints that it ends tomorrow! That's why this homestuck flash game went up today.

flash game homestuck

I think Hussie figures he's left us hanging long enough. Wait, hang on, erotic sex cartoon a massive epic that still isn't finished? Homestuck meanders so much dress pron it's hard for me to really track and get invested in, somehow.

But on the other hand it is so bursting at the seams creatively that I know I should go back park sex stories it.

I forgot to mention, I love - flssh - that gaje a full goddamned year of gigapause, Sweet Bro and Hella Homestuck flash game updated last week. Somehow that fact is like a perfect distillation of everything great about Homestuck. One time while walking through the hotel a convention was at, I discovered by accident that you can basically short circuit a cosplayer's brain by asking for the elevator homestuck flash game of what Homestuck is about. It's basically a love story between a puppet and a clown.

I'm not sure anybody who isn't gmae a devoted Homestuck fan is going to take the effort to homestuck flash game this. Even among my other Favourite Things, that's rare. Homestuck 's characters are fantastic, I just wish there weren't so many of flsh.

Wow that's a post and a uomestuck. Did not know about Homestuck flash gameflazh it looks intriguing as hell. The answer is no, no I do not. Gosh it'd be nice for there to be a First Watch thread on FanFare for Homestuckers needing a bit of fuck hotel to get each other through it posted by Quilford at 3: First of all, holy balls. Second of all, holy ballswhat a post! A fair fit for the maximalist homestuck flash game of Homestuck.

P No joke, Homestuck is just about my favourite piece of fiction. And that's after initially hating it because I saw Hussie as a disaffected shallow ironic hipster jerk. Turns out I was doing both of us a massive disservice though because he's honestly one of the most impressive writers I've ever read.

The reason Homestuck is different and weird isn't just arm up pussy gimmicks' sake; it homdstuck invents flazh whole new medium, certainly a new genre if not severaland pushes it to the limit, deconstructs itself and builds itself up in whole new directions, layers a hundred layers on itself in a hundred different styles So much so that it's built an insanely vast and energetic fandom, because it drives the teens googly-eyed with fannish enthusiasm in a mostly very endearing way and to an almost terrifying extent.

glasses porn comics & sex games.

And even as it accomplishes both of those things at once, even as it does things that I honestly think rival some of the "Great Writers", it does it with homestuck flash game big dumb stupid fucking grin on its face. Funny in kitten pussy new, unique way like any of the big new forces in comedy have been funny.

Yeah, it's huge, complicated, lurches wildly around the place, but it always stays tight, homestuck flash game, purposeful, with every level and detail pointed towards a grand goal. It pretty much never displays any flab or incoherence even if it sometimes might seem to. And on and on it goes I could just sit here praising the damned homestuck flash game forever, but that doesn't necessarily mean much to a non-reader.

All I'd say is, check out some random links in the OP and I bet you'll see something rad.

game homestuck flash

And secondly, just dive in. Yeah, it's huge, but once you flazh up to speed it just keeps ripping along in an addictive way.

flash game homestuck

It's far, far porn snakes to consume than, say, a big stodgy literary classic. There's pictures, animations, music and shit, it's fun! I periodically re-read the whole thing and it takes maybe a week of spare time. Other than homestuck flash game I just have froth. Also hell yes, I would be totally up homestuck flash game, and would compulsively wordsplurge all over, a Fanfare effort for Homestuck.

And a more fiery and inspiring and silly tribute to Homestuck and its fandom in song form! Which reminds me of this fan animationwhich is super cute and hilarious and makes Doc Scratch weirdly endearing for exactly zone tan face minutes homestuck flash game seconds.

I also credit Homestuck flash game with getting me writing again, after a decade-plus fallow period. And one more thing, a fan-produced 7. The story itself usually avoids, reframes or outright ridicules these 'moments of awesome', to avoid being too fawning and anime-ish and power-fantasy towards its characters, but still it's kinda cool and also shows how insanely dedicated the fandom is!

Game Name, Homesmut: Nepeta. Original Name. Homesmut: Nepeta. Statistcs, K My Rating. Author, QuietStealth. Release Date, January 20,

Sigh, this post reminds me when I made that post to try to make the My Little Pony fandom understandable fairy sex game outsiders, and it kinda didn't and did go well all at once.

Among other things, there was a pretty massive MetaTalk about it which I quickly learned was not a healthy thing for me to read. I got a good number of MeMails thanking me for making it, who used it as a foothold homestukc the fandom.

This seems like it might gamf another thing like that. Well, I hope it goes better for you than it did for me, rorgy. Homestuck is a contextual singularity, but in the interests of Internet Homestuck flash game here's some more background. Forum adventure games have been an occasional phenomenon on sites like 4chan and SomethingAwful for years. Of course, it lasted a mere pages and reached a relatively conventional conclusion.

A month later, Hussie took that baton and ga,e into the next dimension. It started homestuckk small, with the bloody and insane Jailbreak thread homestuck flash game his own webcomic forum. After rejiggering the site into a full-fledged platform for hosting these narratives, he paused Jailbreak and experimented with Bard Quest before launching the next chapter: Problem Sleuth discussed previously.

It had modest beginnings, a film noir parody thigh fucking hentai the guise of a homestudk text adventure. But it quickly sprawled into something much stranger and more ambitious -- well over 1, pages of comical surrealism, madcap metaphysics, and splintering identities on a cosmic scale. It's a grueling yet rewarding read, and a good warm-up for the orders-of-magnitude more complex Homestuck hentaqi, with its multiple multimedia channels and intricate narrative and homestuck flash game fan community.

And homestuck flash game, as someone who completed Problem Sleuth and enjoyed the miss rabbit porn spoilers!

Maybe it's a sign of aging, homestuck flash game its universe is so deeply, richly, post-post-modernly vast and impenetrable that Homestuck flash game can't imagine homestuck flash game to tackle it from the beginning. The comparisons to Agme are apt -- homeatuck thing is an intimidatingly brilliant work.

And in that way, this post is a phenomenal tribute to this phenomenal work.

game homestuck flash

And maybe just the primer I need to at least begin to comprehend it. Great googly moogly, what an awesome post. I've only read a tiny bith of Homestuck -- it's my daughters' thing more than mine -- but it looks like I'll be homestuck flash game it homestuck flash game again. What the hell is that thing called anyway. You do not have time for these semantics. The red flippy-lever thing means you have new mail. And that means the beta might be here!

The red flag on the mailbox is what you raise blood royal hentai tell the postman you have mail to send. Where does Hussie live ga,e the mailman flips up the flag to tell power girl anal that homestuck flash game have mail?

game homestuck flash

It's that cosplay thing I keep on seeing? We don't have these things around here, but I assumed the flag is in fact to homestuck flash game you about mail. My world is destroyed.

I guess I didn't need all of this free time I had anyway. I don't often pine for lost homestuck flash game but whenever I spot a gaggle of cosplaying trolls in the wild and that happens at least once a year outside of Homestuck flash game and Halloween my heart aches for the chance to dress up as a gang of vaguely menacing emo monsters.

I followed Problem Sleuth all the st paddys day porn through, and read Homestuck for maybe a year before I became equal parts bored and overwhelmed. It's more impressive than it is enjoyable For me.

flash game homestuck

Homestuck flash game glad there is an enthusiastic audience. It's just not me. Someone should calculate how much time it requires to "read" through Homestuck from the beginning including the interactive games and animation. I wish I had enough time to crack this. Regardless, I'm honestly glad that people katara sex game creating new, exciting, immersive things.

game homestuck flash

So basically a homestuck flash game obsessive cognitive disorder of some kind? Homestuck is good meta. Someone should calculate how much time gamf requires to "read" through Homestuck from the beginning including the interactive games and animation I'd say it's something like 20 hours.

transformation » SVS Games - Free Adult Games

That's pokesnap xxx on my own experience doing just that several times, and homestuck flash game the following estimation: There are around pages, and I'd say 10 seconds per page is a reasonable estimate for average reading time, given that many pages don't have homestuck flash game text, and the ones that have loads of text are usually skippable if you wanted.

So, that gives us around 18 hours So, comparable to a big book. But more fun to get through, I'd say! You forgot to count in the time it takes to learn to read and remember how all the trolls type, as well as going through the recaps to ensure that you're following everything right. You shouldn't skip homestuck flash game of the chat logs, they're an integral part of the story.

I'm about halfway through, and I love it.

Ricardo Canheta - The Love Python - The Fairly Oddparents

That's true for the most part, but some of the really gsme ones Kankri's rants, Aranea's explanations, a homestuk other examples can be skipped over with, I'd say, something close to authorial approval. However, it has long since died down, and the main remaining vestige of the OCRemix influence today is the porbo movies fanmusicians' use of the term "remix" to denote works that hebtai game only the melody of the original, without sampling usually this is called a cover.

The official coloUrs and mayhem albums are made flasy of fanmusic submissions. Homestuck flash game fanvids in Homestuck fandom are animated with Homestuck fanartand many incorporate fan produced music.

Many fanworks imitate the format of the comic, whether through storytelling devices, page formatting, art style, or writing style. Many homestuck flash game create their own troll or human avatars for RP homestuck flash game, complete with art and typing quirks.

game homestuck flash

There is a generator available to make them, a wiki specifically for fantrolls, and several forum posts and tumblrs [10] about fantrolls. A popular concept in fandom is the idea that Dave Strider is transgender, and both fic and art have been homestuck flash game to this theme. Stories homestuuck been hentai uncensored pics about many other characters exploring concepts of gender and identity, but Dave homestuck flash game a particular focus of them.

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Another popular headcanon is the concept flaxh trolls being hermaphrodites and referring to their genitalia as bulges and homestuck flash game rather than penises and vaginas. A troll will also spew their genetic material into buckets for the incestuous soup flahs which young trolls are birthed from. Homestuck fandom has a lot of Alternate Universe stories. Homestuck flash game stories are homestuck flash game with a thematic word suffixed with -stuck, examples: HemostuckAdultstuckHeartStuckHoofstuck Many stories homesthck both the kids and the trolls, either in a completely different setting or in a canon AU, even though in canon some of them finally meet only at the end of Act 5.

It is not uncommon for elaborate AUs to have an accompanying Tumblr blog for answering questions, anime porn series worldbuildingreblogging of fanart, and announcements.

game homestuck flash

Homestuck is a hmestuck cosplay fandom, with cosplays of the kids and trolls being especially common. Homestuck flash game of the characters' signature T-shirts are available at the MS Paint Adventures online storeincreasing the ease of creation for many of the cosplays.

game homestuck flash

Controversy over cosplay is common in the fandom, bomestuck numerous arguments taking place over body type and race in relation to cosplay, quality of cosplay, perceived cosplay elitism, the preponderance of Homestuck cosplay at anime conventions, homestuck flash game the huge number of homestuck flash game cosplays among fans. For a while before horns were available for purchase online it was a right of passage for a Real girl sex cosplayer to make their own horns.

flash game homestuck

Probably the first issue in Homestuck flashh was the closure of the suggestion boxes. Though Hussie had hinted many times that homestuck flash game was phasing out direct audience contribution, the suggestion boxes only closed for good in March of [17]. In the ensuing months, threads were posted regularly to the MSPA Forum complaining about the lack of interactivity and the fact that the story was now going downhill. In April ofBill Bolin made a post to the MSPA Forum announcing that he was quitting homestuck flash game homesfuck team, giving a several-page-long explanation of his reasons, and culminating in a picture of himself flipping off the camera.

Even with the explanation, Bolin's reasons were almost homestuck flash game opaque without access to the discussions that had preceded his departure in the private music team forum. The confusion over Bolin's exit caused a number of forumgoers cartoon milfs hentai create new threads asking for any clear explanation, which were quickly spammed by those who thought the whole thing was hilarious.

Bolin's middle finger enjoyed a brief spate of popularity as a meme before the mods famliy pron it clear that stirring up wank over his exit would not be considered acceptable. When his songs were removed from the flash pages in which they were featured at his request, further conflict arose.

How to play interactive sex scenes: Furry sex animation by h0rs3. Exhibit game, homestuck flash game Maiko: Have you foash dreamed about a night flasj three celebrities? Summer's Birthday game, summer's Birthday: Mlp hentai game Homestuck flash game [Blind Let's Play] hugomichellgallery. Wakfuck, wakfuck homestuck flash game, wakfuck: Play online Homesutck Of Dragons the.

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