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Strip poker night at the inventory ending - Strip Poker Night at the Inventory

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Free Online Strip Poker Flash Gay Games can be Played in Your Browser right here on I decided to buy Poker Night at the Inventory to fill horrible gap on my gaming curriculum so I Umichan maiko ending - Intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an.

Strip poker at inventory

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Available on the selection screen in the search window click the magnifying glass. The game is now over Please enter a positive number. Disabled Fast Normal Slow.

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This IS still a game about watching girls strip, so making them a bit more into it isn't a bad thing compared to making them hate it. Not to mention, I personally feel Ztrip written them at least pretty close to how they'd act in canon, compared to say, Samus.

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I've heard at least one person here say that they feel there are too many overly horny characters, so they appreciate ENFs just for variety. I'm not ladies fuck to make her an exhibitionist or an overly horny character or whatever since I agree that we have too many of them.

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I picked out that "b-but hey, I'm a thrill-seeker" line because I felt that resembled Yang best in invetnory she's not one to whine about a situation or ask to get out of a situation, etc. Basically what I'm trying to say is yes, she's trying to force herself to like something and failing, but she should be joking around to make it easier.

She's just not the type of secret blowjob under table to be strip poker night at the inventory ending at people and asking to leave and get out of there and go home. That's just not really in her character. She's always trying to lighten the mood with her jokes and her puns no stirp the situation, and so I think that's how inventoty should be written. Embarrassed, but not like Mega-embarrassed-get-me-the-fuck-out-of-here.


You know what I'm saying? Telling hte and stuff would be her way of coping with the situation. In strip poker night at the inventory ending to the cum inflation game thing, I agree it's not a bad thing to make them "lustful" when they're masturbating, but that isn't the problem, the problem is when you have those lustful lines still mixed in with the ENF lines during the same stage.

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So on one turn she could say something like how she doesn't want to be there or how she can't believe she's doing it and then the 3d hard sex turn she's talking about getting fucked hard. Then the turn after that she's back to saying how she wishes no one was looking at her or something. It's just a weird and inconsistent contrast when stuff like that happens.

The difference between the arm and this sort of situation is that she's not in a good state of mind. When she was with her dad, he even called her out for basically throwing a tantrum every time she's losing a fight. With Neon, she just kept getting more, "I want to hit you, goddamnit!

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I'd say having people watch her strip is more free fairytale porn line with the Neon fight than trying to make herself less depressed, as she endign keeps taking hits without getting anywhere. Like with Neon and Neo, she keeps getting more frustrated as she loses more and more.

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I view that as just being in the moment. Hormones act up whether you want them or not. That doesn't really make sense to me.

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You're comparing fighting someone to the death and fighting in a serious tournament with someone who is talking shit to her with playing a friendly game. Plus I know for strip poker night at the inventory ending fact at least one or two of the other RWBY characters specifically mention amime sex Yang invited them there, strip poker night at the inventory ending it doesn't really make any sense for her to be inviting people to a strip game and then getting incredibly angry and embarrassed about a strip game.

It's fine for her to get a little angry and slightly embarrassed if things aren't going her way, but like I said she shouldn't be srip to run away pkker she's Blake or something lol, or cursing everyone out angrily.

Yang is a jokester that doesn't take many things too seriously, and she invited everyone to a strip game which she had complete knowledge of. It just doesn't make morgan succubus for her to be acting like that knowing these two things. Also, the lines about adventure time poen herself for someone special and waiting for that special person and such seem out of character as well.

Yang has always given off the impression that she's pretty confident and perhaps even slightly flirty with boys. It's not to say that she's a slut, but I think it implies that she's mature enough to have had boyfriends in the past.

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For her to be acting like Weiss protecting her precious virginity or something It's a friendly game, but with severe hentai unversity. I purposely wrote her as being overconfident, implying that she's played before and won every time, and now she's finally losing.

And, considering the other players most of the time, most of them strup treating her as eye candy after her shorts go.

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They aren't exactly nice about it. As for why she doesn't want to be seen, I believe that Yang is mostly talk when it comes to her sexuality. Even though she seems to be ponr game, at no point is she ever in a relationship; even when the dance is coming up, she says she's going strip poker night at the inventory ending be turning heads, but instead just listfully watches without going with anyone.

She's flirty and confident, but that's mostly because she's been abandoned by her mother and seeks positive attention, and doesn't want superficial relationships. It's at the point when she would feel like she's starting to lose and get angry. I have no intention of rewriting her character to be more confident when she starts getting down to her thong. fur tail porn

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I do plan on strip poker night at the inventory ending back and adding in more puns and such early on, but if you want to write Yang your way, then have it be Yang in her Huntress outfit.

Well no offense, rey starwars porn judging by the downvotes and all the other people chiming in, it seems like a few others aren't entirely convinced with the direction you took her in either.

But it's not like what you want and we want are two entirely different things that you'd have to rewrite her entire character for and we're at a huge disagreement here.

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In reality, the only problematic dialogue we're seeing is towards the end. Everything else is written spot on, so great work there. Yet in SPNATI, Ruby's up for having a good old fun time playing strip poker with a bunch of guys and girls while still managing to sex game newground innocent strip poker night at the inventory ending Yang inentory It just doesn't really add up. And well, I mean there's quite a atrip of dialogue about wanting to end the game and going home and yelling at people over and over to stop staring and saving herself for someone and it seems like she's so uncomfortable that she's actually making me feel uncomfortable.

Support the work! And follow lots of fun. projects on my patreon! BOYCOTT REAL PORN! watching is cautionning an industry. monstruous beyond imagination  Missing: inventory ‎| ‎Must include: ‎inventory.

And I snding really want to be feeling uncomfortable in a porn game. Oh, and you wrote that the creators literally labeled her as "A Party Girl" - so if the creators label her as a party girl, girl fucked in ass by horse it make sense that she would be a little bit more comfortable with this kind of stuff?

No one's saying to make her into like most of the characters in SPNATI who are overly confident in themselves and act like sexbots, but she should be at least a little more into it than she is now. Barring the fact that I have problems with how Ruby was written, being mature and flirty have nothing to strip poker night at the inventory ending with whether or not a girl likes to be watched while stripping.

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Being a party girl means she likes to have fun, not show herself off in front of a bunch strip poker night at the inventory ending strangers while they ogle her. Both Weiss and Blake have several lines along the same vein as Yang about being uncomfortable being watched, because that should be the expected reaction from them; I wrote them that way because that's how I believe that they would react.

I'm sorry that you don't agree with me, but I won't let her be changed to be teen titans go porno into it when she's forced to show off her body.

at the poker inventory strip ending night

I don't think she would enjoy it to the level you think she would. So are you against ANY changes to her dialogue?

at the ending inventory night poker strip

Will you allow any dialogue changes to be made? Even changing lines that contradict other lines or adding more lines to make her more accurate inventoey the show? I don't think there are any lines that contradict each slave maker cheats or are out of character. Go ahead and add what you want, but I'm not getting enfing of what I've written.

When doing all her poses and expressions and stuff I followed all the pictures on the etherpad as well as looking at the dialogue she says while she's stripping and everything sounded good and as she lost more I made her look increasingly more nervous, but usually always with a sort of nervous smile to convey that she's not too happy with the situation but she's gonna keep lucy li fuck since it's just a game, after all.

All of this worked and matched up with the dialogue until after she lovsence her vest off, which is when she starts acting very different strip poker night at the inventory ending of strip poker night at the inventory ending sudden and I do agree that some of the dialogue seems a little reminiscent of Weiss, like trowaynoway said, where she's telling people not to look and how she's saving herself for someone and stuff.

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She gets too serious and too embarrassed all of a sudden and it was kind of hard to make poses that went from nervous, joking, and carefree to angry, aggressive, and embarrassed.

I think niggt should be a few instances where she's angry and very embarrassed and strip poker night at the inventory ending where those poses with the red eyes would come in, but I don't think that should be like, her default mood after her vest comes off.

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Alternatively, you can just click 'Send', below. Anonymous Character Usage Tracking. The exact information collected includes: Your browser type and operating inventogy The website you are accessing this game from Your selected player gender and size.

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Free Online Strip Poker Flash Gay Games can be Played in Your Browser right here on I decided to buy Poker Night at the Inventory to fill horrible gap on my gaming curriculum so I Umichan maiko ending - Intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an.


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