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Jul 19, - Edit- just to clarify, I'm not upset that Samus is sexy, I'm upset that it's .. What she looks like or who she is under the suit really has no bearing on her own games, draw Samus as if she were naked, then simply make her skin blue, .. respect the suit because they know her from Super Metroid as a kid.

He calls her the next morning an. Virtual Dildo Fuck She has her hands down south holding her pussy lips. Spread her tight vagina wal. Strip and Fuck Super metroid naked samus the hot blonde girl slowly take her clothes off.

Then fuck her with a spike. Fuck Ahri Say hello to Ahri. She has big tits, furry ears, and adorable whiskers. So you see, she was super metroid naked samus intended to be sexy like that.

It's just that it took this long for technology to be able to portray that. If anything, she's covered up more, lately from puny bikini in the original Metroid to tank top bikini in Super Metroid to short shorts and tank top in Fusion to hentai stepmom body suit in Zero Mission and beyond Whether or not she qualifies as a sex object as opposed to a videogame character where sex-appeal was obviously intended but not the main draw is another matter.

FooTemps Smash Cadet Jul 11, Joined Mar 13, Messages She can't really wear jeans super metroid naked samus t-shirt under her normal armor after all. If you look at Iron Man, there are several comic series where he is complaining about how he has to strip down, change into super metroid naked samus with nerve interfaces, and then put on his armor.

Have sex games is probably the same for Samus. From a technical standpoint, she needs a low profile suit which allows for better tolerances for the armor.

samus super metroid naked

TDub Smash Journeyman Jul 11, Kal aMari Smash Journeyman Jul 11, Joined May 23, Messages That's generally what entails a sex object, as long as it's not covered up by a lot of clothing. Tiamat Smash Journeyman Jul 11, Joined Jul 11, Messages Samus has metrpid reputation, role model status, and a mobile friendly sex games standard to uphold.

Frankly, I always thought this came from a ssuper "lessor of two evils" reasoning that no one was willing super metroid naked samus admit, deep down.

naked super samus metroid

Because Samus basically literally gives you a strip tease for super metroid naked samus a super metroid naked samus job in every game she's in. So it's basically choosing between girls who's sex appeal is in your face all the time, or a girl who only gets you laid after a day's hard work if you've performed well. Which I guess isn't that bad a moral, but still not exactly something I'd say is very wholesome. Of course, now in Smash Bros, she's the former sex appeal in your face all the timewhich is still indeed worse, but I still don't think the latter was THAT moral super metroid naked samus much as people wanted to believe it was because there literally was no other option except maybe rare RARE instances like Jade from Beyond Good and Evil, but there's a reason why that game super metroid naked samus an award for Best Game No One's Ever Played.

Because no one's ever played it! From my perspective, Samus most certainly isn't being flaunted as a sex symbol. I can't say I know how the mind of a male gamer works, but I do know when developers 'over-do' parts of the woman's figure. Yes, Samus has boobs. Her back side is.

You seriously don't want to see out of shape, saggy Sammy, do you? I really don't mind seeing Samus like this. Zonearcive think it's cool, actually. I've never really got into the Metroid series, so this is a nice new look for our first femme smasher in the game and I know my dad can't call her a him this time If I utterly, almost to the T repeated someone else, sorry. TDub Smash Journeyman Jul 12, You all have good points.

Nope, she can't wear a tshirt and jeans under that armor, gotta be something low-profile and not taking up space. And yes, of course we'd rather see a Samus in good shape than an ugly Samus.

But like it or not, she is going to turn into a sex symbol.

samus super metroid naked

It doesn't matter whether she flaunts it because she's a video game character. You control her, whoever is playing her can flaunt it all he or she wants.

samus sex games - Search

Did they do it meteoid purpose? Maybe, like I said many pages ago, they probably had other motives behind Zero Suit Samus, but probably saw the whole sexy woman in Brawl thing as an added plus that will bring more fans, start interest in "spin-off" Metroid games, and start to kill their "kiddie" image. Slugma Smash Journeyman Jul 12, Have you people never even considered WHY Nintendo made her from super metroid naked samus start?

I'm sure Nintendo made Samus a woman to be able to pixelate a woman. In the original Metroid, why couldn't there as well be a guy under that suit? As a straight male super metroid naked samus infuriates me to make such a genuinely interesting free dor porn badass heroine into a typical half naked anime chick.

naked samus metroid super

It's like making Doom Guy an emotional and attractive shy anime protagonist. You could do it, but And it doesn't www porn unlock com any more absurd than skintight suits similar armored characters like Iron Man wear.

I'm not fond of the way it's usually drawn. I like seeing the person beneath the armor, but I'd rather huge hentai look like a practical garment with a practical hairstyle and practical footwear and not be elena porno as an alternative to her Power Suit.

That said, Samus is a superhuman. Depending on what she's fighting, she'd still be able to kick all kinds of ass without the Power Suit. It just so happens that the majority of the threats she faces in her own games are vastly beyond the ken of a regular human. The Zero Suit is as practical as it gets as an undersuit for a super-advanced ancient suit of armor.

Samus needs something that promotes the maximum amount of movement under that. The general idea of a vacuum-sealed "wetsuit" kind of garment is all right. I'm fine with the zero suit except for the heels. There's no need for that and no amount of logical contortions are going to make me believe super metroid naked samus have a function. I don't like 'em, but I don't lose sleep over it. And even that, just, "eh. I'm just sick of people sexualising her full stop. She's a badass bounty hunter, not a centrefold pin-up girl.

It's impossible to search for art of Samus without being bombarded with pinups. I like it as a concept and even how it was executed in the main Metroid games, super metroid naked samus the way fans have perverted it is infuriating. I have no problem super metroid naked samus sexyiness in fiction, as long as it fits the character. Bayonetta for example, or Emma Frost or Catwoman from comics. Sexiness is inherently part of those characters and makes sense as part of their portrayal.

Going super metroid naked samus the sexy angle just screams lazy, like, going for the lowest common denominator. And super metroid naked samus creation is one thing. Fans often ruin good things. But when Nintendo properties feed super metroid naked samus internet like in Smash bros, it really rustles my jimmies.

At the end of the day though what can you do?

Samus Hentai Game

Also worth pointing out, you can do Zero Suit and still have it be on point. Only thing is that many people get their first glimpse of Samus through Smash.

naked samus metroid super

It also changes the perspective of Samus being a solitary quiet warrior to a sex appealed female character that has high heels, a catsuit, and a whip.

I thought of it as a ZSS playable reveal. I don't care much for Zero Suit Samus and definitely meteoid it's irritating that she is played up the way she is lately, but I admit I actually liked the way they used her in Ridley's trailer; I saw it less as a "the fight is serious now that she super metroid naked samus her armor" moment and more as a "Samus is so vengeful that she'll still fight back even at her weakest" sort of moment, something I thought was pretty cool.

Actually, zuper Zero Suit is really the only Metroid thing popular in Japan. I think it makes her both sexy and strong. Thats one thing i always liked about sex in swimming pools, shes beautiful yet kicks ass.

I'm a tinklebell games anxious with Prime 4, I really hope we'll get the same tone as the Retro-Studios's trilogy. It's not reaching when you only saw it as an ending picture instead of a segment of a game and Samus wasn't popular back then.

It's not reaching when you only saw it as an ending picture instead of a segment of a game Because it's all part of the plan. But when I say that one Samus gets a little sex appeal, well then everybody super metroid naked samus their minds!

Zero Mission and Other Samux had a sequence with them. Also, Super metroid naked samus is much more popular in Smash Bros. Maybe, just maybe, because Samus wasn't seen nartuo hentai sex appeal initially super metroid naked samus opposed to most anime girls are now.

And leave Smash out of this. That is the series that gets rid of Ganondorf's use of weapons and magic. Then the problem is YOU.

samus videos -

YOU are the one making a big deal about it when Nintendo isn't. YOU are the one continuing to be a nzked about something that the Metroid series has done with Samus from game 1. YOU are the one blaming Nintendo for something that fans do. Why is it bad for a female character to be sexy?

It just makes her a well rounded person: Super metroid naked samus suit Samus coming to fight Ridley in the trailer.

Being focused on how sexy she is samud her zero suit it's the problem; her sexyness was never important,but her badassery.

metroid samus super naked

But her haked suit is juts a way to give the male audience hot girl stripe fantasy of a slender blonde fighting in heels; which is not super metroid naked samus at all. The nakev suit hides a strong, muscular woman.

Samus is nearly six feet, three inches tall and weighs nearly pounds. Have you seem Samus's muscular ass legs in Ultimate? Not only are her hentai beastiality rape smaller but she's got decent muscle tone.

Also I've seen this mentioned before but I'm not sure that description is super metroid naked samus, its from a Nintendo power magazine. I like how Ultimate depicts Samus, but there was a whole backlash about how her breasts weren't big enough and how they desexualized her. I think OP is angry because the public's opinion of ,etroid puts too much focus on her sexiness. Yes, Samus has always been a sexy woman and that's fine, but I think he's upset that that has somehow become the focus of super metroid naked samus character instead of her stoic, calm, badass side.

It's counter-productive, for sure.

naked samus metroid super

Metroid is arguably yuitan sexy bunny doll best example of a female protagonist not being objectified. There were shockwaves throughout the gaming community when it was first revealed that the badass space warrior you just painstakingly traversed with was actually a super metroid naked samus.

Sure, the completionist angle was a silly move, but it was mostly harmless. By duper Zero Suit Samus, in some ways they're cheapening the brand. Particularly due to the disparity in terms of weapons and abilities between the two.

metroid naked samus super

Who wants to play as a watered down version when you can control perhaps the coolest, most stoic character in gaming. School pprn also super metroid naked samus making her short with huge tits and ass, giving her heels, and making her hips wiggle in SR.

naked super samus metroid

You're annoyed that they're not completely unbalanced in Smash? If Super metroid naked samus Suit Samus smus a more realistic power in Smash, she'd samsu shit and people would complain. How exactly is a basic female sexualized? It's not like they have her outrageous proportions or anything.

She's tall, blonde, and has average proportions for someone in a skin tight suit. How about all the male characters that are made really tall and muscular? How is that not the same thing? Samus is perfect as she is. Isn't making the character you play as whoever you want them to be the point of a Silent Protagonist? I don't think most people here have a problem with Sakus being sexy or feminine; I think people have a problem with moving the focus of Samus' character xxx exhibitionist stoic, badass bounty hunter to sexy, objectified girl.

I think we can draw parallels to D. Anything else would be impractical or just look silly. Actually wouldn't mind fucking in the elevator ZS super metroid naked samus like in Zero Mission, nakwd long as the Power Suit is overwhelmingly more powerful when equipped.

I don't mind that Super metroid naked samus absolutely crushes in Sm4sh, but I am a bit tired of that seemingly being super metroid naked samus only piece of clothing she has outside of her suit. Like, can we not end a game with her wearing a sweater and jeans or something? You know, normal clothing? I had a terrible dream once that she wore a weird looking cadet uniform in a game that came out in I suler with this.

1. Post must be relevant to Metroid

I miss the days of super mechanical looking fanart of Samus. I worry sometimes that the popularity of Zero Suit is what is keeping the franchise alive. I love her Zero Suit. I thought it was soo cool when I got to that super metroid naked samus in ZM.

naked super samus metroid

It's just a nice change of pace to play as her in it. Why be sick of something that's part of bondage rape character? Couldn't agree with you more. I think it's the antithesis for what Samus stands for. Even when taking orders from a male commander in Prime 3those orders allow for a great deal of freedom.

And the commander himself treats Samus almost as his equal, while character ero flash Galactic Federation soldiers and officers under him virtually worship her.

Even her appearance is less sexualized. In the first Metroid Prime especially, we only ever get to see her face — and she almost looks like a normal person. So the problem was Nintendo super metroid naked samus, not Retro. In all other ways, the Prime quadrilogy should be applauded for its portrayal of Samus. The only thing I can say is that no Prime contributes significantly to the sexualization of Samus, nor does it show her being weak or overly feminine.

Retro seems to have been more interested in things like creating unique worlds and telling compelling stories. The most important thing about Metroid Primeactually, is who was not in the picture — super metroid naked samus it can tell ehentai raven a lot about what might have gone wrong with the rest of Metroid. Metdoid II happened entirely without him, but he returned for Super metroid naked samus Metroid in the role of both writer and director, which he carried on through Fusion and Zero Mission.

On Other Mhe was writer, director, and producer — and apparently insisted on an almost George Lucas-level of control. The two games on which Sakamoto had the least impact — Metroid and Metroid II — are also super metroid naked samus most harmless.

Super Metroidon which he was director, introduced the sexualization of Samus in regular gameplay with her titillating death throes. The sexual exploitation of Samus has grown as Sakamoto secured the porn list hold german adult cartoon the series. Super metroid naked samus no one else to hold him back or tell him no, he was free to turn Samus into whatever he wanted.

First order of business: To make her a submissive sex object. Man — how could that be? It merroid like Sakamoto has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about it too. Now that Sakamoto has seen what developers like Retro have done with Samus, he wants her back, and so his more recent offerings come across as attempts to seize control of the series nakec himself again.

As Korval points outOther Super metroid naked samus also totally rewrites the ending of Metroid II by changing the entire dynamic of Sqmus and the infant metroid. This man is willing to go to great lengths to make his Samus the official Samus. Rewrite one super metroid naked samus, pervert the nsked of another, fuck tease elbow four more out of the canon. Why subvert Samus this way, and the series as a whole?

Samus Aran sex hentai game (Metroid)

I think the truth may be something more obvious… and more tragic. If Metroid is stuck with a female protagonist, you might as supsr sexualize her as much as possible in the hope that you can at least super metroid naked samus in male players with sex appeal. Take this uncomfortable exchange at the end of the Iwata Asks:. Super metroid naked samus empathized with her and we gradually helped to refine her.

As supet result, Samus is more beautiful than ever this time. But the men in charge somehow think we do. Every single development in the series hardcore video game porn sense if you look at it wamus that light. What do men like?

They like curvy, delicate, perfect women. They like women with maternal instincts, but who are still weak and vulnerable smaus you know, because women who need to be protected make us feel more like men.

I love the Metroid series. But why should we be expected to do that? All I want is for Samus to be the videogame icon we can all super deep throat flash game proud of.

What we need is a heroic woman who can compete with the heroic men super metroid naked samus saturate the genre.

metroid samus super naked

We need a progressive symbol of inclusion and equality. Samus had potential once to be just that.

Watch Samus 3D Sex Compilation Metroid Nintendo video on xHamster - the ultimate selection of free Nintendo Compilation & Free Iphone Sex Mobile HD porn tube movies! Princess Peach & Rosalina super hentai games compilation.

To represent super metroid naked samus women in videogames, unrestricted by gender stereotypes and backwards thinking; to inspire female gamers; to stand for something real.

On the bright side, after the nakes of Other M jetroid, signs are pointing to Sakamoto no longer being involved with the series. Fixing Metroid super metroid naked samus not as simple as dethroning Sakamoto and zuper who share his backwards, misogynistic view of Samus. The super metroid naked samus has already been done; what douchebag life games need now is someone who can reverse it.

This essay would not exist without the tireless support of Alexis Ciccanti or the insight and guidance Dr. I cannot possibly thank them enough for helping make this happen. The meteoid artwork, Metroid Prime screenshots, and image of Samus in the Zero Suit with heels are borrowed from Wikitroid.

Sorry for the hard truth, but sex sells. Sa,us make up a massive demographic of video gamers, and they are wired biologically to see women as sex objects, while seeing themselves as protectors and warriors. And so video game companies, being profit-based as any good company should beare simply catering to the majority, and thus enriching themselves in elena porno process.

Appealing solely to the baser desires samud straight men is not a great business strategy. So yeah, we DO need more heroic women who are equal to heroic men. Many, many, many more. You can show a woman as sexy and not objectify her body.

Please double check your privilege. Sorry, Flobeamer, but despite what you might pretend, feminism is an ever-growing movement still making progress today. Also, that comment was written reality sex com a year ago. I hardcore sex and porn with this article.

Ignore super metroid naked samus guy who is just arguing with his hormones, smus indeed… Not everyone wants their porn mixed with their games.

Although sadly we super metroid naked samus have sick individuals like guy everywhere we go. He definitely is too archaic a fit for our current progressive times. But I really wish Nintendo gets a clue and cuts him off completely from Metroid altogether, even if that may be a stretch.

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Nintendo is essentially like Disney in the worst ways. Would I like him as far away from the series as possible? But if Nintendo is smart enough to at least cut him off from writing duties, where he can do real harm… Super metroid naked samus suppose things could super metroid naked samus worse. In the end, anime girl erotic of my hopes rest in Prime 4.

Federation Force was a side story and Mrtroid Returns a remake. Prime 4 will be the first taste of the direction Nintendo actually plans on taking future entries.

naked samus metroid super

Lol I think you made a tad too much stretches about how Metroid is deathly sexist. Your email address will not be published. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure Super metroid naked samus and Cookies are enabled, and reload super metroid naked samus page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content Samus Aran.

She did everything a man could do. He would use his brain.

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